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Create a porfolio of 8 projects completed throughout the semester as well as include a personalized logo and display them together on a neutral background.

Process and Project Corrections:

I began this process by finding a photo of a background that I thought would be neutral and look good with all of my projects. I then created a personalized logo that would look good on that background. I then went on to make changes to previous projects and display them as a portfolio on that background. Many of the projects I completed this semester needed a little TLC. Here is a list of the changes that were made and to which projects:

  •  Website Mockup – I was told the blue background would look better lightened up so I made that change.
  • Montage – I enlarged the picture of Christ and blended it more cohesively with the photo of the girl. I also enlarged the text and brought it in closer as I was given the critique that the text looked floating. After I made the change I felt it really looked much better.
  • Infographics – I changed the color of the background to fit better into the color scheme of this project. I made changed in that same color of blue to the graphics that had the lighter blue before.
  • Business Identity – I changed the alignment of the the logo to be more aligned to the logo on both the letterhead as well as the business cards. I changed the opacity of the logo on the business card to be the same as on the letterhead. I changed the colors each slightly on the logo, business cards and letterhead to be the right shades for the color scheme using. I also aligned the colored rectangles on the bottom of the letterhead and business cards to be more uniformed and finally I changed the text color to match the color of the raindrops in the logo.
  • Prezi Presentation –  I changed the colors in the circles to and coloring in the slides to be a more unified color theme. Changed the fonts of the subtitles.
  • Photo Design – I moved the black rectangles to be on each side of the red rectangle so they did not look unattached and I changed the font to make sure I had contrasting but complimentary typography.

The changes to the projects took about 4 hours. Once the changes had been made and I displayed them on my background, I added a title page, table of contents and contact information.  I then took my project to be printed on heavy paper and displayed them in a clear cover portfolio book.  The video at the bottom of this post will display that portfolio.

Critique Process:

I met with Shauna Watts to look over the portfolio as well as my husband Josh. Shauna suggested I move the placement of my contact information and make it larger and I made that correction.

Facebook critiques: Ryan Montgomery and Ronnie Stanley.

One on One Critique: Shauna Watts and Josh Coates

Instructor Critique: Bro. Stucki liked the background and thought it was a nice nuetral background picture. He suggested I work on the alignment using kerning and leading and I spent quite a bit of time trying to perfect that in each of my project descriptions.


To display an overall example of what I have learned over this semester in Design Principles and Adobe products.


All who are interested in design and different projects that can be done using Adobe products.

Top Things Learned:

I learned so much this semester but I learned that as I looked back at my projects I could see how much I have improved from the beginning and that was surprising to me. As I made corrections it took far less time to make changes now as it did earlier in the semester as I was familiar with how to use some of the tools in the Adobe Software.  I am grateful for all I have learned in just a few months.

Color Scheme and Color Names:

Monocromatic// Brown and Beige

Title Font Name and Category:

Lucinda Bright // Serif

Copy Font Name and Category:

Filson soft medium// Sans Serif

Thumbnail of image and Source:

wooden table and dark wooden wall

Click here to see my portfolio on slideshare.net

Here is the video to display my portfolio.



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