Brochure Project


To make a 2 sided brochure that was visually appealing and included high resolution photos as well as new logo and text wrapping.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Design Principle’s)

  1. I researched many different types of brochures and decided I would like to make an offset real estate brochure.
  2. I chose a color scheme and picked high resolution photos that I would fit my color scheme. I opened up photoshop and began preparing my images by cropping, making adjustments to color and opacity and clipping the photo of the male realtor to be text wrapped in the brochure.
  3. I then opened up Illustrator and designed a logo of a house  adding colors from my color scheme.
  4. I then began designing the brochure in Indesign. It was a long process of trial and error but I felt like I learned a lot through this process.  I wanted to use triangles ( I found out very quickly that was a lot harder than I thought initially. I drew the size of triangles I needed using the pen tool. I also used ruler guides to help me pay close attention to the alignment and proximity.  I added photos logo to the design.
  5. I wrote the content for the real estate information in the brochure and placed it in the design. I placed the picture of the realtor and text wrapped it with the content I wrote. I used  leading and Kerning to try to keep the text as aligned as possible.
  6. I Printed the brochure at Kinkos and used thier cutting tool there to trim around the brochure making sure to have a full bleed. I was very careful in folding and used  the back of a flat ruler to help make a clean fold.

Unique Logo

logo for brochure

Critique Process

I met with my husband and son for this project. My 14 year old son was very involved in helping me find parts that may not have been aligned properly and would point out little details that I overlooked while trying to pay very close to all parts on this brochure. He was extremely helpful and I found out he really has a great eye for this work.  He helped me in choosing the photos as well. This was an ongoing critique process and many changes were made along the way.

Marci Grimaud gave me some critique about my Real Estate Company not being able to be seen well on the back cover and I was also told that by my instructor. I turned down the opacity on the textured photo to help make the text more readable.

Facebook critique’s: Marci Grimaud, and Robert Wagner

One on One Critique: Porter Coates and Josh Coates

Instructor Critique: Bro. Stucki made some really great suggestions. He brought to my attention a title that wasn’t aligned well with the text and I corrected that. He also suggested I make a change in the opacity to help the text be more easily seen. I made that change as well and was very thankful for the advice.


This was a real estate brochure meant to attract current buyers looking for a home and giving information on the procedure and how my real estate company could help.


Those who looking to buy a new home.

Top Things Learned:

I feel like I learned so much through this process but the top things were probably how to use the pen tool better and that when I am working with shapes like triangles to be very careful of their placement to try to keep everything aligned and proportional. This was very difficult.

Color Scheme and Color Names

Triad//Dark blue, light blue and red

Title Font Name and Category

Ebony bold// Sans Serif

Copy Font Name and Category

Gitan Latin//Sans serif

Word Count


Thumbnails of any original, Unedited Images in the photo

Sources for each image (Website and Hyperlink)

All photos are licenced and were on Adobe Stock

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