HTML & CSS Coding Project



Code a custom webpage with HTML and CSS.


  1. I used the logo that I had previously created in illustrator for another project.  I resized it to be no larger than 500 px on the long side for this project.
  2. I then created an HTML file to fill in the content for the page.
  3. Next, I used a CSS style sheet to ad the details of the font and coloring as well as add my link to the website.
  4. I used the same coloring in the page as I used in the logo to give the page a more unified look.
  5. Finally I validated my HTML and CSS coding.

Critique Process

My husband Josh looked over this project and thought the coloring looked good and he like the fonts in this piece. He is a programmer so he double checked my code for me as well to make sure it looked right.

We were told that for this particular project we did not need to get the critique of the instructor or peers. Therefore there will be no other critique listed in this project.


Great Book Reviews will be available for on Rainee Reviews site.


Avid book readers or anyone wanting to get a good book review.

Top Things Learned

The smallest thing such as a comma in code can cause problems so it’s so important to be very detail oriented when coding.

Color Scheme and Color Names

Triad// Red, light blue and dark grey

Red Hex # ed1d3b, Blue #75cede, Grey #58585a

Title Font Name and Category

Mason Serif OT//Serif

Copy Font Name and Category

Macho// sans serif

Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project


Source of Each Image(website name and hyperlink)

The graphic was mine.


One thought on “HTML & CSS Coding Project

  1. hostyourspaceid says:

    Angie, I really like how the robin’s egg blue, red and gray work together so well. They’re not three colors that I would have ever thought of putting together but they work well! I also like how you’ve used that blue as the font color for a heading. Looks great!

    Please check out my blog:
    Please check out Ryan’s blog:


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