Infographic Project



Create an infographic that organizes information in a creative visual way.


  1. I started of with brainstorming some ideas of what kinds of things I am interested in and would be fun to create graphics for. I decided on YouTube. I thought it would be interesting to put together a research type infographic.
  2. I researched the topic and found some facts that would be fun to include and began making a few sketches of a couple different layouts and sketches of some graphic ideas.7c-angie-coates-infographics-plan-activity7c-angie-coates-brainstorm-sketch
  3. Next I opened Adobe Illustrator and began to create graphics and layout. I created various graphics to demonstrate the information I researched previously.
  4.  I started with creating a design for the background and tried to use one that would be complimentary but enhance the visual of the computer screen.
  5. I then began to create the additional graphics and layout of the project.

Critique Process

I met with Shauna Watts and Aaron Watts via Skype. They both caught an alignment issue and saw a place where the graphic had moved and was not in the correct spot on the screen making it look like dashes were in the graphic of the computer screen. They were very helpful in helping me see some things I overlooked by looking at it too hard I think.

Facebook Critiques: Brooke Ericson and Sarah Sharp.

One on One Critiques: Shauna Watts and Aaron Watts

Instructor Critique: It was recommended that I try to show the numbers better on the information to give the viewer a better understanding of them. I made some changes and added a few additional graphics that I hope have improved the visual of the information.


To inform viewers of some interesting information about YouTube.


Anyone who enjoys learning a bit about YouTube.

Top Things I learned

I learned there are more than one way to convey information to people and there are fun ways to help others visualize what you want them to know. I learned a little better how to use some of the tools in Adobe illustrator as well.

Color Scheme and Color Names

Tetradic color scheme// red, black, light blue and white

Title Font Name and Category

Ebony Bold//sans serif

Copy Font Name and Category 

FreightNeo Pro Medium// sans serif

Thumbnails of any original, unedited images used in project


Sources of each image

Graphics were my own. I did use the Home page to help me sketch out my page design.










3 thoughts on “Infographic Project

  1. mkristinehill says:

    Nice job, Angie! I love that you used a computer monitor as a background. So perfect for YouTube. the colors are nice, too. The usual red, white and black are there, but the blue adds a refreshing difference. The image was too small for me to really read all the text, darn.

    Here’s a link to my blog post:
    And here’s another one you’ll like:


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