Business Identity




Design a business letterhead and front and back of business card using a logo that I designed as well.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, design principles):

1.First I did some research and looked at some different Logos that I liked. I sketched a few designs that I thought might go well with the name of the company, Rainee Reviews a book reviews website.

2.  I designed 3  logos in Adobe Illustrator have options. I did a type logo and 2 graphic logos.


3. I asked various people in the class and also friends and family which logo they liked the best and was given some great advise by a few classmates to combine the umbrella and the book. Also after another comment that I received about it maybe looking a little too cute and not professional I changed some of the typography and color scheme.

4. I followed the advise of classmates and put the book and umbrella together. Removed the typography from the umbrella and moved raindrops down a bit.  I tried to be careful about the placement and use repetition in the design as well as proximity.

5. I then had the logo I wanted.Logos amended

6. I used In Design to develop the design for the letterhead and business cards using repetition and alignment there as well.

Critique Process:

I used Skype to talk with Sabrina Dearth and also met in person with my son Porter to get some critique on the design. Porter felt that the back of the business card needed the logo to look more like the logo on the watermark. I adjusted the opacity and enlarged the logo to make that change. Sabrina really liked the color scheme and the whimsical feel of the logo. She felt that it would be a little better if I added some of the raindrops lower under the umbrella as well. I think that is a good idea but decided not to for now.

Facebook Critiques: Ralph Borcherds and Brook Ericson

One on One Critiques: Sabrina Dearth and Porter Coates

Instructor Critique: My instructor gave some great suggestions to add the logo to the top of the letterhead and and add the same color rectangles that were on the letterhead. He also suggested I adjust the opacity on the logo on the business card as well and I made all of those changes.


A wimsical design to bring readers to a review website.


Anyone who enjoys reading books and likes to read others reviews and recommendations.

Top Thing Learned:

I learned the importance of repetition in personalizing letterhead and business cards. I also did not have any experience using illustrator or In design until this week so It was a busy learning week for me.

Color Scheme and Color names:

Triad//Red, blue, grey

Red #ff3333; blue #66CCCC; grey #666666

Title Font Name and Category:

Mason Serif ot // Serif

Copy Font Name and Category:

Branda Regular// Sans serif

Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:

The graphics used in this project were my designs.




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