Montage Project


Daughter of a King Montage


Design a spiritual photo montage using the blend of images and type.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Focus Principles)

The montage I wanted to create this week was one that had a spiritual tone. I was listening to a song called “Daughter of a King” by Jenny Phillips and thought I would create a picture of what I thought when I heard the song. This is the process I followed to create this picture.

  1. I found the images that I wanted to blend together. I then went into photoshop and by using the lasso tool, I cut out the parts of the pictures of the Jesus Christ and the temple that I wanted to use for the Montage. I then moved them over to the main or background photo of the girl.
  2. I used layer masks and the brush tool to create this look. I also adjusted the opacity of the images of the temple and the savior to give them the blended look.
  3. I used the name of the song as my text.
  4. I used repitition in the photos with the white color that is in the temple, Christs robe and the flowers in the girls hair. I also used aligmment in each picture to different parts of the girl.

Critique Process:

I used Skype to speak with both Lu Ann Worley and Shauna Watts. Lu Ann felt that I needed to raise the picture of the temple a little higher and show the temple a little more. She felt it looked too faded. I applied those changes as well as enlarging the Savior as was suggested by Shauna.

Facebook critiques: Sarah Madsen & Ralph Borcherds

One on One critique: Lu Ann Worley & Shauna Watts

Instructor critique: It was suggested that I change the Text to have 2 contrasting and complimentary fonts. I made those changes and changed the size of the fonts on the words “of a” to also show more contrast.


That we are all sons and daughters of a heavenly King and we are all of great worth.


Anyone who appreciates inspirational photos

Top Things Learned:

I had never attempted to blend multiple pictures in a photo before this project so learning how to use Photoshop to create this effect was the top thing I learned. I also was reminded of the importance of typography and the importance of using different fonts in design. I struggle with learning the complimentary fonts but will continue to try to improve on that.

Color Scheme and Color names:

Analogous//Green and Grey

Green r-93 G-101 B-76 & Grey R-93 G-102 B103

Title Font Name and Category:

Ar Berkley//sans serif

Copy Font Name and Category:


Thumbnails of any original , Unedited Images used in the Project:








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