Photodesign Project

5A Photo Design Project


Use photography to capture good light, focus and composition. Use skills in Photoshop for a photo design project that encompasses consistent color scheme from the image.

Process ( Programs, Tools, Skills, Focus principles):

The following are the steps I followed in completing this project:

1. I choose a spot to take a picture of that had incorporated in it colors that I wanted to use for this project. I found this spot that had the red gates that showed great contrast  with the darker colors around it.  I used a sony cypershot camera and took the photo around sunset.

2.There was a lot of work to do in Photoshop  to create this project.  I adjusted the levels and vibrancy. I also increased the brightness and adjusted the contrast. I added sharpness to the footprints. I used the spot healing tool to remove some of the power lines behind the picture. I fixed the image size to 8.5 x 11 and changed the pixels.

3. To create the look of the picture I added rectangles and incorporated the quote into the red rectangle. I added beveled edges and inner shadow as well. The darker 2 rectancles both added stroke, inner glow and drop shadow. I added another layer of rectangle and used a filter to turn it into a design that I placed above the quote for added decoration. I tried to pay attention to alignment and composition as I tried to design in thirds and align text right.

Critique Process:

I met with Shauna Watts in person and her critique was very helpful. She said she liked the color scheme and the message of the project. She felt that the picture looked a bit pixilated and the footprints were not as dominant as she would have liked to see. I sharped the footprints in Photoshop to try to make those more dramatic to go with the theme of my picure.

Facebook Critiques:Sierra Hathaway and Ryan Montgomery

One on One critique: Shauna Watts

No Instructor Critique available.


To make sure that your footprints are the ones worth following.


Anyone who needs a good reminder to be a good example.

Top Things Learned:

I did alot of trial and error in this project. I am a beginner on Photoshop and am learning as I go. I am starting to get the layering a bit better now so that is going to help in the future. I learned as well that taking the initial photo great helps alot so as to have less to fix in the photo later.

Color Scheme and Color Names:

Split complimentary// red #4f1115, blue #718696, and black 160d08

 Title Font Name and Category: 

Tempus sans ITC/sans serif

Copy Font Name and Catagory:

Book Antiqua/serif

Thumbnails of any original, Unedited image(s)used in the project:

original photo

Source of each image (website name and hyperlink):

Sample work by Angie Coates

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